Thursday, April 16, 2015

Taking Stock :: April :: 2015

So I haven't taken stock for a while now.  I've been more concerned with my monthly goal setting.  But this month I've decide to shake it up a little.  I really like this exercise developed by Pip Linoclne of Meet Me At Mikes.  It looks like a simple little list, and it only takes a minute to read.  But answering these questions is deceptively, not difficult, that's not the right word.  Percipient.  They take some thought.  Some digging.  So, revelatory.

It's never as easy as it looks, and it always shows me something of myself.  I like that.  

Here's my Taking Stock for April:

Making : A knitted collar (my six year old has taken up knitting!)
Cooking : Anzac Biscuits.
Drinking : Chai! By the bucketload.
Reading : The Joke by Milan Kundera.
Wanting : More time.
Looking : Tired.
Playing : Cooking Schools with my kids.
Deciding : What to write here.
Wishing : For just a bit more self belief.
Enjoying : Meditating.
Waiting : For permission.
Liking : Hot buttery Hot Cross Buns.
Wondering : If I can do it.
Loving : Taylor Swift.  Judge me.  I don't care.
Pondering : Why my mind is so full when I want it empty and so blank when I need ideas.
Considering : Starting a small business. Squee!
Buying : Mother's Day Classic Registration.  My daughter and I are running together this year.
Watching : The Jinx and The Stairwell (Oh. My. God. #nospoilers).
Hoping : I can make it happen.
Marvelling : At the strength and resilience of some.
Cringing : At my bad lounge room dancing. #sorrynotsorry
Needing : To get on with it.
Questioning : My priorities.
Smelling : Pukka Teas.
Wearing : Scarves.  Hello Autumn.
Following : My own instincts.  More and more.
Noticing : The chill in the air.  And loving it.
Knowing : What I need to do.
Thinking : About creativity and discipline.
Admiring : The career of my good friend Kate James.
Sorting : My Snail Mail box.  And my bookshelf.
Getting : Involved in #The100DayProject.
Bookmarking : Charlotte's Web.  Reading it with my son. One chapter each night.
Coveting : Meditation Cushions.
Disliking : My indecision.
Opening : Up to the possibilities and potential.
Giggling : With my kids. The best.
Feeling : Content.  Mostly.
Snacking : On Easter Eggs. Naughty.
Helping : Out with the Kinder cookbook.
Hearing : Compliments.  Really hearing them.  Trying to anyway.

Have you taken stock recently?


  1. Lots of exciting things! Yay! Setting up a new little business is such a great thing to do!

    1. And also so terrifying! I've never done anything like that before! x

  2. Oh Kate, I cry EVERY time I have ever read Charlotte's Web! I blubbed in front of a class I was reading it to once. They were all a bit shocked, some cried too. Oh my goodness, the Mums gave me the weirdest look at pick up!
    I love reading your taking stock post. Such a window into your world.
    I love Taylor too. LOVE Taylor. :-)

    1. Charlotte's Web really surprised me - it's SO beautifully written. I absolutely loved it, so did my son.

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  4. Lovely to receive a snap shot into what you've been up to Kate. The little business venture sounds very exciting and I know that you'll do wonderfully at what ever you put your mind to ! Am enjoying your friend Kate Jame's blog too - thanks for the recommendation. X PS how good are Pukka teas ?? - I have a bit of an obsession with them.

    1. Thanks Ing - Pukka teas, I don;t know what I like better, the teas or the packaging ;)

  5. Argh! "Pondering : Why my mind is so full when I want it empty and so blank when I need ideas." <- THIS. WHAT IS THIS AND HOW CAN WE STOP IT PLEASE. So frustrating. Great taking stock, Kate!

    1. Thanks birdandfox - I know, right? SO annoying. x

  6. Such a great exercise isn't it?
    Permission granted.

  7. Oh I just started reading Charlotte's Web to my big two too. Only we left it at my dads over easter. So we've started the Secret Garden while we're waiting to catch up with Dad again to get it back!

    1. Oh! I remember loving the Secret Garden when I was a kid, but then when I started reading it to my kids and the opening chapter is all cholera and death I decided to put it on the back burner. lol. All of the books I loved as a kid? So many of them have dead mothers and other stuff I hesitate to expose my kids too - and yet I don't remember that about them, so it obviously didn't scar me. But it's so interesting how your perspective changes. Charlotte's Web is SO beautifully written. x