Thursday, April 2, 2015

Photo Safari :: Museum Edition

Well, how lucky am I?

Last Sunday I got the beautiful opportunity to meet some wonderful women.

Most of them are also lovely bloggers.

And one of them was Pip Lincolne.

After almost a year of being cheered on by Pip since doing her Blog With Pip course it was great to finally meet her in person.  She was just as lovely and engaging as I knew she would be, every bit a warm and sweet as her online persona.

We went to the Melbourne Museum and wandered together chatting and taking photos and chatting and stopping to drink chai and chatting some more.

It was a thoroughly pleasant way to spend a sunny Sunday in Melbourne.

And I topped the afternoon off by wandering through the city and stopping in at the Rally for Justice for Refugees before heading home on the train.

It was a seriously delightful and most relaxing day.

It is just so great to meet these people in person.  And while it sort of sometimes seems a bit strange or nervous making, it's just lovely to consolidate these online relationships with some in person meet ups.

Not only that, but I think these get togethers are helping me fall back in love with Melbourne.

What a great city.  So confident, so understated.  And for me so full of memories.

It's quite rare for me to get into the city these days.  Just for a wander, anyway.  I do go relatively regularly with the kids because they love the Gallery and the Museum.

But whenever I have the chance to just wander aimlessly around Melbourne it always makes me think of those years when the city was my home.  Such good memories.

These days really remind me of me.  And sometimes that's all too easy to forget.

It was a really splendid time.  Here's to more days like them.

Yvette from Bear Loves Dove Rocking the Gray Mane + Awesome Embroidered Top
Wandering the city. Little Bourke, Laneways, Rally for Justice, Flowers
Windmills & Light
Taken by Texture

Pip, Carly, Jaqui, Naomi & Emily Write Letters to the Soldiers.
Art & Light
Wheat Tiles
Beautiful Butterflies
More Texture
My Favourite. Light & Angles


I hope you like these photos.  Since doing the first Photo Safari I'm pretty keen to explore photography more.  I really enjoy it a lot.  I find it quite meditative in the way that it focuses the mind.

Photos by kind strangers & Pip Lincolne (top)
From L-R (Middle Pic) Yvette, Emily, Naomi, Catherine, Jacqui, Carly, Pip, Me, Michelle

And I hope you'll go visit the blogs of the women I met, they are all worth a look so here's a list of handy links if you are looking for some interesting reading:
Naomi: Naomi Loves
Yvette: Bear Love Dove
Jacqui: Bird and Fox
Michelle: Girl Gone Home

And of course, Pip: Meet Me At Mikes (like you didn't know that already.)

Happy Days.
Have you had any great outings lately?


  1. Your photos have made me want to go to the Melbourne Museum and meet up with lovely bloggy friends :)

  2. Looks like a fun day! I am seriously thinking about coming over from SA for the next one. x

  3. How cool is this!!? You lot are such dudes, love it and obvs if I didn't live a million miles away in Blighty Almighty then I would def be up for lovely bloggy meet ups. You look so cute Miss Kate, lovely to see these pics and I love (LOVE, LURVEEEEE) your new blog header, so bright and gorgeous.....xxxx

    1. Awww. Thanks Emma. It was a lovely day! Thanks so much for the feedback on the new look. x