Sunday, September 7, 2014

Taking Stock: August

First Day of Spring in Melbourne
So there's a little thing that Pip Lincolne does over at Meet Me at Mikes and it's called Taking Stock. And you know what? It's a pretty super thing to do. I like reading them, because they give a nice little insight. But what's even better is doing them. Because despite that it may seem like a simple little question-answer type deal, it actually calls for a little introspection.
The last one I did was way more challenging and thought provoking than I gave it credit for.  Nice.  So every now and then I'm going to be doing these.  Hope you like them as much as I do.  And if you do your own be sure and let me know. I'd love to pop over and  take a look.  Truly.  Here's my August Taking Stock. Enjoy. x

Making : Plans. Always.
Cooking : Chocolate Cake. Quick Chocolate Cake from Under the Yardarm is the new family fave.
Drinking : Coffee. Unusual for me.
Reading : Airmail by Naomi Bulger. Clever Clogs.
Wanting : To feel less swirly

Looking : Up at the sky - Melbourne has had some gorgeous skies of late.
Melbourne at it's Spring best.
Playing : Lots more with the kids. So much fun.
Deciding : To go let it all go. For a while. Trying to get on top of things is doing my head in.
Wishing : I could get out of my head.
Enjoying : The sun.
Waiting : For things to finally stick.
Liking : Weekends. How good is it not to have to get two kids out the door by 8:30am?
Wondering : How it took me so long to work out Instagram. Crushing. Hard. (Follow me here.)
Loving : My family. God I'm lucky.
Pondering : The meaning of life. And how sometimes it seems like we've got it all arse about.
Considering : My options.
Watching : The Trews. And falling a little bit in love with Russell Brand. 
Hoping : For a better world. Seriously. What the fuck are we doing?!
Marvelling : At how cruel this country is prepared to be to Asylum Seekers. Why? Just. Why?
Needing : To meditate. More. Everyday. Twice a day.

Battling to get back to the cushion.
Smelling : Oil Garden Aromatherapy oil Love & Friendship Blend (Aww).
Wearing : Boyfriend jeans and roll top converse.  Because? Spring!
Following : Edenland. Writes like a warrior.

Noticing : How the sun changes things. Maybe half of my problem is just winter.
Knowing : What I need to do. Now to do it.
Thinking : Too often about stupid stuff I've said and done.
Admiring : These yellow tulips. Love.
Happiness is yellow tulips

Sorting : My shit out. Finally. Maybe. I hope.

Buying : Paper niceness at Kikki K.
Getting : Over myself.
Bookmarking : DaysCareen
. Lovely.

Disliking : That I haven't been running enough
These babies aren't seeing nearly enough action. And? The car mats need a vacuum.
Opening : My mind.
Giggling : Not often enough. Why is that?
Feeling : Tired. Every day by about 4pm.
Snacking : On mini musk sticks stolen from my kids lolly jars.
Coveting : A routine that sticks.

Wishing : I was wrong to think the nice guys finish last.
Helping : My kids become more of themselves.
Hearing : Little feet down the hallway, way too early every morning.

What have you been doing lately?

Listen to Neil Young Long May You Run

Images via One Small Life


  1. Always love these "taking stock" posts to get to know our on line friends like you Kate ! I hope Spring helps with the "swirly" feelings (such a good way of describing a feeling I often have too). Have just started following you on Instagram - gorgeous photos ! x

    1. Thanks Ing! How fun is Instagram? I think Spring is going to be very therapeutic, I hope so anyway! x

  2. Love this! I especially enjoyed the decision to let things go and the idea of opening your mind - something everyone, myself included, could do more of, I think! I've never actually got round to doing a "taking stock" post but this has definitely given me a push - thanks, Kate :)

    1. Definitely give the Taking Stock post a go - it's way more revealing than you think! I look forward to reading yours soon. x

  3. Love taking stock posts! I think they're great for us all seeing how human and connected we actually are.

    1. Yes Lila! There's something about the level playing field that makes a great point of our connectedness. x

  4. Great post Kate! I'm nodding to lots of things on your list: being tired; wanting to run more; feeling lucky about family; wanting to let go of all this busyness and stunned at how cruel this government's asylum seeker policies are. Thanks for sharing and connecting in this way. I too have not figured out Insta so I'm totally inspired you have!

    1. Pia, Instagram is totally easy - give it a go! I promise, if I can do it you can do it too - I'm gonna look out for you there. Thanks so much for the comment, it's lovely to know people are struggling with the same things sometimes! (Not that it's lovely to know that others are struggling, but you know what I mean ;) x

  5. Thank you for Neil Young. He's stroking my frayed feelings. :-) Great to read your taking stock post Kate. You are beautiful.

  6. I always love reading my online friends taking stock posts. They are such a wonderful little insight into each other's lives. Like you Kate I really do despair at our government's treatment of asylum seekers. It breaks my heart. Yay for Spring though. It makes things feel a little less gloomy!!

    1. You are so right Deb, a wonderful little insight. Sometimes I can't stand to think about this government and what it is doing. But I can;t stand to have my head in the sand for too long either. Here's hoping Spring can solve all the worlds ills. x

  7. Love this. I'm identifying most right now with your 'pondering', 'needing' and 'knowing'. I might 'take stock' soon too so thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Hope I have inspired you Rebecca! Though just to set the record straight, I still haven't been meditating with any regularity. Why are the things we know we need sometimes so hard to achieve? x

  8. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments. I am so sorry it has taken me so long to reply! I've been knocked hard with the flu, but now that I am recovering I'm looking forward to getting back to you all and also popping into your blogs to see what you've been up to while I've been down. xx