Friday, June 27, 2014

A Cup of Tea {With Pip & Me}

 Welcome to One Small Life's first non Sunday post.  Hold on to your hats, things could get a little crazy around here!

As you may know I have been doing the very wonderful Blog With Pip course.  As a part of this course we have been asked to do a delightful thing.  Share a cup of tea with Pip (that's Pip Lincolne from Meet Me At Mikes).  

I love tea with in an almost unnatural way so of course I was saying yes to this.  Even if it has meant throwing caution to the wind and posting on a Friday.  I'm feeling wild you guys!

So steep that brew, wrap your icy-melbourne fingers around that warm milky goodness and let's go.  Or if it's hot where you are, grab a bubble tea put on your t-shirt and stop bragging already. Show off.

Oh. Is that an awkward pause in the conversation?  Or a comfortable silence? Let's assume it's a comfortable silence.  They're good.  They mean we are among friends and we don't have to try too hard to be anything else than exactly who we are.  That's a pretty remarkable thing, when you find it.

I'm trying pretty hard to be exactly who I am in this place.  Even if that means admitting to being a socially awkward procrastinator with issues around perfectionism.  Is that painting a pretty picture for you?  Or just making me sound like a total nut-job?

So, a bit about me?  I have two little kids who I try really hard not to yell at - I'm actually getting pretty good at this.  I like to meditate and run, but I find as soon as life gets busy, things like this go out the window.  Which is madness, of course because when life gets busy is exactly when I need these things most.  And plus, my life is totally not busy, so no excuses.
If you stay and have a poke around you'll find my thoughts on everything from parenting to politics, from mindfulness to making things and with a bit of feminism, perfectionism and Buddhism thrown in.
Hopefully you'll find something that takes your fancy.  Here are five things that are taking my fancy this week.

Nobody Geo Mid Rise Jeans

Photo courtesy of Nobody Denim (to buy the jeans click the photo or here)
It's been a long time between jeans.  I kid you not.  It's been years since I bought a new pair of jeans.  I have needed them for a long, long time.  

This only added pressure to the torture that is jeans shopping.  Especially now, with the advent of the skinny jean.  What the hell?  I've never worn a skinny leg jean in my life.  

I've tried them on before, but there are only so many times you can experience not being able to get jeans over your knee caps before you lose heart and determine that this is simply a fashion that you will never be able to adopt.  At this point it becomes all about declaring the fashion and anyone sporting it to be perverse.

What possessed me to try on these Nobody Geo Skinny leg jeans I will never know, but man alive I fell hard.  They were the first jeans I tried on.  Also the last.  They cost more than any other pair of jeans I've ever bought. Ever.  And they are worth every cent and I have barely had them off since I got them home.

That chick in the photo? That's not me.  I've no doubt I don't look anything like her when I wear my jeans.  But I feel like I do and that's what counts.

My Very Old Boots

I've had these boots for years, like really years and they have barely been worn.  I have worn them a bit with tights and skirts, but because my previous and only pair of jeans were not suitable for boot wearing they barely got a look in.  

Now that I have my smokin' hot skinny leg jeans I am wearing the jean + boot combo daily and loving it.  Winter boots oh how I've missed you.

Getting This in the Mail from Naomi of Naomi Loves

You can imagine my joy at receiving this beautifully packaged parcel in the mail, I'm sure.  The kids were quite outraged that something so glamorous arrived and it wasn't for them!  I'm positive the contents are equally as thrilling, but for now I'll just have to guess as I haven't the slightest desire to open it.  

From the hand-painted design to the twine to the seal to the bespoke stamp on the back.  It is a quite lovely thing and I am just enjoying admiring it for now.  

The best thing?  You can have one too, but you'll have to pop over to Naomi Loves to find out how!

Party Bags!

Look it's a rainbow of party bags! How gorgeous.  It's not like these party bags are particularly fancy pants or anything, but when we finished them and they were all lined up on the table, making their own little rainbow of happiness it was very sweet.  And the kids were so excited and did such a good job of distributing the lollies (without eating a single one!) that not only do they look lovely, but it was a super fun, happy making thing to do.  I'll be very sad to see them go.

We tied the handles with yellow curling ribbon, I'm so into yellow at the moment.  It's like sunshine on a cloudy day!

Cups of Tea {in a mug}

The thing I'm loving most of all as the temperature drops all around Melbourne right now and winter really makes her claim is warming, comforting, drink-it-all-day-long Tea.  I truly believe it's good for the soul.  

Only don't make me a cup of tea in a teeny-weeny, lovely and delicate little cup {like the one at the top of this post}.  I have some of these at home and they are gorgeous, and also gathering dust.  When I drink tea I need it in a mug.  I need to be able to wrap my fingers around it and I need it to last.  Because a cup of tea that is only good for two sips, is not really any good at all.

Thanks for sharing your cup of tea with me.  And if you're like me and often need another? Head over to Cup of Tea at Meet me at Mikes.  There are plenty of people there just waiting to put the kettle on for you.

What are you loving right now?

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 Top Image Licensed Under Creative Commons
 Remaining (Uncredited) Images by One Small Life


  1. You have the loveliest, happiest voice when you write Kate. I am absolutely sitting on the sofa and laughing with you. And I'm so glad my little mail parcel made you smile! That made my day. x

    1. And you know what made my day? This gorgeous comment - thank-you so much Naomi! x

  2. You HAVE had those boots for a long time!!! Even I remember them! I love a pair that turn from new to vintage while you are still the proud owner. :) Lovely post as always xxx

  3. oh the bit about buying jeans... I had quite a giggle... I need to do the same... the pair I've had for years have suddenly shrunk ( hate it when they do that ;-) ) and I need a new pair but am dreading the shopping experience... skinny leg jeans on my bod is a bit of joke... glad you found the right pair, I'll be checking these out for sure! :-)

    1. These are STRETCHY bearlovesdove, super comfy. Try them, but exy though.

  4. Thank you for my lovely surprise in the mail!! Gorgeous!

    1. You are very welcome. Glad you like it (took a bit of a punt!). x

  5. As Naomi said, you DO have a lovely writing voice and what about that gorgeous inspiring Teddy Roosevelt mug? (Obviously you only struggle to appreciate an excellent football team!) x

  6. I'm sure you're absolutely rockin' that jean and boot combo! How lovely is that little piece of snail mail?! I really want to do this. I love my tea in a giant mug too. xx

    1. In my own mind Deb, I totally am.

      Hope you head over to Naomi's and sign up for a gorgeous gift - it's so much fun.

      I'm totally going to get in on her snail mail revolution. I loved the days of travelling OS when me and all my friends would write letters to each other. I still have most of them and they are very precious to me.

      Emails & texts will never have the same sentimental value. x

  7. love the boots and jeans combination and your mug is very tea worthy

  8. So great to get to know you a bit more too. I've been receiving snail mail from my instagram friends (I've never met them in the flesh either) snail mail totally brightens your day. Jo xx

    1. Snail Mail is THE best. Thanks for the comment Jo. x