Sunday, September 14, 2014

Guest Post: She Who Rambles: Five Game Changers

Looking to the future, carrying the past. 
Hands down the greatest asset I gained from the Blog With Pip Course is being introduced, no embraced by the awesome blogging community it is home to.  Pip Lincolne made that, and I think she's pretty special for doing so. But we all make it up, so I guess that makes us pretty special too.  

In the spirit of that community I am going to start sharing some of the awesome #Pipster posts I come across here.  Today we start with Reannon from She Who Rambles.  I relate to Reannon's Blog because it's real.  It's not overly styled, not picture perfect, not aspirational, but real.  Which is kind of what I'm trying to achieve in this little space here at One Small Life.  So we're a nice fit, we two I reckon.

Let me make clear, there is nothing wrong with style, perfection and aspiration - I too love all the pretty things!  But what really resonates with me is authenticity and I think you'll agree this post from Reannon at She Who Rambles has that in spades.  I hope you enjoy it.

Last night I was asked I by my bestie Amy to name 5 things that have been game changers in my life. I thought you guys might like to read them too so here they are:

1. Moving to Forster in '95. If we hadn't moved there I never would have met the husband & my life wouldn't be as awesome as it is.

2. I never planned to have a baby 2 weeks before I turned 21 but it's made me the woman I am today. Each time I birthed a baby has changed me. Each time my heart has expanded & I've lost a little of my sanity, in the very best way.

::Baby 1 A week before due date. Baby 2 Two weeks before due date. Baby 3 A week before due date. Baby 4 18 days before she was due but she came the next morning::

3. The death of the husband's dad changed our life & our direction. As much as I love where we are today I still wish he was here with us.

4. Watching my sister take her last breath when she was just 27 has changed me beyond belief. Not one day since she has been gone do I not wish she was here & am I not grateful to wake every day. Getting older is a GIFT people, it's not a given.

:: me & my sis through the years::
5. Having had 3 miscarriages changed my heart & my thinking. I'm stronger than I thought but I'll always have 3 tiny holes in my heart.

Do you want to share yours?

Isn't that a beautiful, honest post? And the idea of Five Game Changers is a great one.  If you want to share yours in the comments please do.  I'm sure Reannon will be checking in and replying.  In the meantime I'm thinking about my own Five Game Changers post.

You can also head over to She Who Rambles and say hello to Reannon, she's a lovely host.

Can you think of Five Game Changers in your life?

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  1. Hi Kate/Reannon, I tried to comment earlier but looks like it didn't go through! I love this post. And my game changers are definitely along the same lines as Reannon's - moving, birth of children, death of loved ones. I think you've inspired me to write my own post! Stay tuned. Thank you x

    1. Karen! Thank-you for being so persistent! It's a gorgeous post isn't it, and a great topic. I'm going to do one of my own soon too. Maybe good for a link up? x