Sunday, February 9, 2014

Look For The Light

I love this TEDx talk by Karen Walrond of Chookooloonks

It's not new, but it's always relevant because of it's simple but sweet metaphor.

She encourages us to think like a photographer and look for the light.

Not the light in the scene, but the light within all of us.  That light that resonates within us, that light that connects us all.

Look for the light within those you love, those who are strangers, those who you may not agree with.

And look for the light in yourself.

Perhaps I like this idea so much because it is essentially the same as the Buddhist philosophy on compassion.

Still it never hurts to be reminded, particularly in poetic ways, how to find the beauty in all people, in all things and in ourselves.  How to find the resonant, the familiar.  How to generate compassion.

If you have never watched this talk, or even if you have, enjoy and be reminded to look for the light.

Do you see the light?

Listen to: Madonna Ray Of Light

Image & Video Licensed Under Creative Commons