Sunday, May 26, 2013

Paper Bag Owls

This crafty project is super easy, super cute and super good at keeping pre schoolers happily entertained for ages.

Take some paper lunch bags (or you could use paper plates, or just card - whatever is handy), some coloured construction paper and some glue and you're away.

Stuff the bag with some scrunched up paper and seal it at the back to give the owl a nice big tummy.

Cut out some circles of varying sizes and colours for the eyes, some triangles (or diamonds folded in half if you want them flappy) for beaks and trace around your kiddies hands and cut out for wings and feet.

I love crafts that involve using the kids little hand prints - I'm sentimental like that.  And they seem to get a kick out of it too.

Once the bits and pieces are cut out let the kids have at it choosing the colours.  We did ours with blue and orange for Hoot and purple and pink for Hootabelle.

There are also great variations to try like sticking craft feathers to the bags for a more authentic owl feel.  We didn't have any feathers at home but did have fun using some shredded tissue paper which worked really well.  We also did some with bow ties and headbands.

My kids are just about 5 and not quite 3 and the <5 year old was more than fine to do this craft activity all on her own including cutting out her own hand prints.  The <3 year old needed a bit of help with the cutting but had a ball with the pasting.

They were both wrapt with the results and it was a really low maintenance, high fun project.

Happy crafting!

Do you have a fun kiddie craft activity to share?

Image by One Small Life