Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

This Mother's Day I'd like to turn the tables.

I know it's a day for being thankful to our Mother's.  But I'd like to give thanks to my children today, especially my eldest, for teaching me how to be a Mother.

It's an amazing thing she did.  She changed me in the most intricate and profound ways.  And myself and her little brother are the constant beneficiaries of that.

Pity the poor first born who has to do all the hard yards showing us how to be parents.

I am so grateful to both my children for expanding my heart and mind.  For teaching me how to be a better person in every way.

Of course I am not always a better person.  In fact sometimes I am a far worse person than I ever thought I could be.  Angrier.  Less patient.

And yet in every mistake I make there is a lesson.  And every day I am growing and learning in ways I never thought possible.

And it's all because of my children.

So today I'm going to enjoy my sleep in and my cup of tea in bed.  And whatever badly wrapped, smudgy, hand-made thing they choose to give me.  And I am going to treasure it and their beautiful, proud, smiley faces.  Drink them in.

Because I am so grateful for everything they have given me.

What does Mother's Day mean to you?

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