Sunday, May 25, 2014

Taking Stock

So I've been a little secret squirrel lately, yes I have.  

I've been doing the Blog With Pip eCourse.  It's been totally awesome, but it's not over yet.  So I'm not going to bang on about it too much right now. I am just going to share with you a little homework assignment that Pip gave us this week.

It's called Taking Stock.  You may have seen it before.  I have, but I've never done it myself.  So, this being a week of firsts for me here goes.

(I look forward to reading yours soon too!)

Making: A bit of a dick of myself, recording a podcast for Blog with Pip
Cooking: Up ideas for my blog
Drinking: Red wine & bucket-loads of tea (not at the same time)
Reading: Blog with Pip's frantic fantastic Facebook feed - it never stops
Wanting: To launch a new blog site (stay tuned peeps!)
Looking: At Etsy....I resisted for so long
Playing: Not often enough with my kids right now
Deciding: On lots of things, but not doing enough of them
Wishing: I had more discipline
Enjoying: Laughter
Waiting: For July.  Girls weekend.  Sydney.  Watch out.
Liking: Dark chocolate
Wondering: If I'll achieve even half of my goals
Loving: My kids so much
Pondering: Social Media & Self Talk
Considering: A blog post on above
Watching: My daughter dancing at the Preppy Disco. So. Much. Cute.
Hoping: I'm doing okay as a parent
Marvelling: At the energy and enthusiasm of my kids
Needing: A bit more sleep
Smelling: My sons socks
Wearing: My trackie dacks waaay too much
Following: I Give You The Verbs
Noticing: Crochet Rising - even though I don't crochet!
Knowing: So little is certain
Thinking: About the past
Feeling: A little all at sea
Admiring: The Chronic Ills of Rach. This woman writes like an angel.
Sorting: Toys & Textas. Constantly
Buying: New jeans. Soon.
Getting: Up early
Bookmarking: The Squee
Disliking: Tony Abbott, this budget, what Australia is becoming
Opening: Up
Giggling: At my son when he's angry - it's just so darn cute
Feeling: A bit of anxiety
Snacking: On dark chocolate - is that wrong?
Coveting: Kenzo Fish Sweater & Yellow Cab Hooked Boots as seen on The Art Of The Costume here
Wishing: The world was a fairer place
Helping: Myself
Hearing: Lots of beautiful voices on the Blog With Pip podcasts

So that's me for now, if you feel like taking stock yourself Pip's got the list for you right here.

Do you feel like you need to Take Stock?

Listen to Harry Nilsson Everybody's Talkin'

 Image Licensed Under Creative Commons


  1. We have lots in common - Dark chocolate, etsy, crochet loving (but not doing) and lots of blog related things... the good stuff x

    1. Hello There Karen!

      Etsy and crochet are new to me. But dark chocolate is a very old friend.

  2. YA for you! Pip is awesome, isn't she? All the best with the rest of the course and I eagerly await news of new bloggy things! xxx

  3. Yes! Pip is awesome! The course is super - will definitely be writing a heap about it when I have a chance to process it all. x

  4. OH my goodness. I love this post! I haven't done the stocktake yet. 'Fraid I might find some ole boxes in the storeroom out the back with some questionable contents! Aaaaand then I'll feel obliged to be authentically bloggish about them. Ai ai ai! Thanks for sharing, it's so nice to get an inside view of that beautiful brain!
    And thank you super much for the mention!

    1. It delves much deeper than it appears to on the surface, it's true! x

  5. It sounds as though you are making the best of the blog with Pip course which is great-I enjoyed reading what you've been up to. That girls weekend away sounds like it will be fun

  6. It's never wrong to eat dark chocolate! I love an almond combo. Sometimes life gets so hectic it's hard to just sit down and play a game with the kids and then you feel so guilty even though you do it most of the time. Oh and lets not talk about the budget, it's taken me a week to get over it! Blogging with Pip is awesome fun!

    1. I like almonds with my dark chocolate too! :)

  7. Yup! Harry Nilsson goes through my head when things get too busy! Here's to blogging with bucket loads of tea!