Sunday, April 14, 2013


I love the Spiegeltent.  And if I'm honest, the main reason I booked tickets to see Inside was because of this beautiful venue.

But I'm rather fond of Frank Woodley too, so I thought it would be a good night out even if I wasn't sure about the show which I had seen described as bleak.

After the month I've had I definitely wasn't in the mood for bleak.

But while Inside isn't a thigh-slapping romp, I loved it.  I wouldn't describe it as bleak so much as poignant, and there were certainly plenty of laugh out loud moments.

Despite inhabiting a skin head with a handle-bar moustache and a Russian accent this show was pure Woodley. Tender physical comedy with heart, so much heart.

And for me Simon Yates was a wonderful surprise.  I admit to not knowing him from Acrobat and thought his contribution might be largely corporeal.  But his Victor was beautifully stoic and his performance perfect.

I loved the dynamic between these two brothers, Victor strong and quiet, Versilly emotional and flighty.

The dire situation of these characters is wonderfully enhanced by brilliant set, lighting and sound design.  All of these elements working well to lift the performers and round out the show.

I thought I wanted a laugh - and I got it.  But I also got so much more.  A thoughtful show that left me sort of happily melancholic.

Inside is playing at The Famous Spiegeltent until April 21.

What is your favourite venue?

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Image Sourced at Tetris Rain