Sunday, March 3, 2013

Blue Skies

Life is suffering.

And sometimes it feels like there's a lot to complain about.  

And it's wonderful how much support there is out there now if you're going through a rough patch.  

With parenting especially.  There's no shortage of places to vent.


The internets be full of people willing to validate the complaints of tired, over-worked, under-appreciated mothers all day long.

Which is great, it really is.  I've needed to avail myself of these resources regularly.  Bemoaning to friends and anyone else who will listen about how hard it is, how tired I am, how everything has changed since having kids - truly nothing is the same.

Sometimes it's easy to fall into that pattern of complaint, of acknowledging every little difficulty that's encountered.

And sometimes the good stuff gets overlooked.

So here's a little ode to how good life is at the moment.  And it's not about gloating (promise).  It's just about acknowledging when there are calm waters.  

No complaints today, just blue skies and smooth sailing.

How is your life travelling right now? Is it smooth sailing or rough seas?

Listen: Ella Fitzgerald Blue Skies

Image Licensed Under Creative Commons